For His Majesty Ryouku’jin:

His Majesty likes nuts, specifically cashews and pistachios (almonds get a pass if they’re covered in wasabi.) His favorite fruits are avocado, raspberries, and dragon fruit. He will eat beef jerky of all varieties, and likes peanut brittle, trail mix with raisins and dark chocolate (preferably 70% cocoa or higher), gummy bears, gummy worms, and sour gummies in general. Whiskey and gin are alcohols of choice; coffee is best when it’s Ethiopian, Guatemalan, or a medium blend, and should be served black.

His Majesty generally avoids carbs aside from beer. He does not enjoy cooked fish, black licorice, chai, rum, or hazelnut-flavored things.

For Her Majesty Indrakshi:

Her Majesty appreciates a good charcuterie board, enjoying all types of cheese, cured meats like soppressata, salami, and prosciutto, olives, and pickled vegetables. Fruit (both fresh and dried), hummus, and stuffed grape leaves are also welcome. Water (preferably at room temperature) and all varieties of tea are her beverages of choice when eating.

Her Majesty does not enjoy hard boiled eggs, fish (with the exception of salmon and sushi), and hard or dry foods in general. Baked goods like cake and cookies should be kept to a minimum.

PLEASE NOTE: Her Majesty is allergic to eggplant.