Her Royal Majesty Indrakshi’s Favor

Elements –
A black background with a gold crescent moon containing the Sanskrit “i” next to a gold jackalope. The gold is DMC – 742.

Format – Finished favors should be 4 inches wide and a total of 21 inches long. They will then be
folded in half for use as a belt favor.

Techniques – All favors, fancy or simple, can be done with embroidery, paint, appliqué, beadwork, attached metalwork, or any other technique. Her Royal Highness Indrakshi wishes for everyone to have fun doing this project and, as such, she is welcome to all forms of your beautiful art and creativity! Her Highness looks forward to seeing the skills of all artisans and their preferred mediums.

Finished Favors – Please include a note with your SCA name and your modern name and mailing address with any favors you give. Favors can be handed to any of HRH Indrakshi’s Retainers or myself at an event. For alternate delivery, you can mail finished favors to me at:
Sága Björnsdóttir
115 Morningside Road
Colonia, NJ 07067

If you have any questions please contact me at
either: Kaili Mehu on FaceBook or sagathebjorn@gmail.com

Thank you for your kind time, creativity and generosity!
In Service,
Sága Björnsdóttir

The Embroidery machine file can be downloaded here
The PDF document can be downloaded below.